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A Simple Video Marketing Strategy

Simple Video Marketing Strategy

You want to create video marketing, but you don't know where to start.

What do you do first, what do you prioritise?

In this training video, we have a 10 step guide to help you create your own video marketing strategy.

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A Simple Video Marketing Strategy

Notes from the video are below (time point of each step in brackets):

1. (00:40) I want potential clients and engagers on my website:

  • Engagers drive Google juice, both on-site and by re-sharing off-site
  • Clients will see the social signals engagers leave behind both on-site and off-site

2. (03:00) Video is a great way to get them there repeatedly:

  • Video content creates a connection in a way no other medium can.
  • It reveals your personality and helps create a deeper social connection for your brand.

3. (04:56) The content has to be useful and solve their problems:

  • Useful content in video format is very popular and effective.
  • The best type of useful content is content that solves a potential clients or engagers problem

4. (07:08) It has to be relevant to the perfect client:

  • Relevant content means it is focused on them, the narrower the niche the better.
  • It is all about them, produce for them, not you.

5. (09:28) It has to be in their language, in a room they like:

  • Speak simply, in terms they understand.
  • Make sure your atmosphere is one they are comfortable in.

6. (12:18) Seek engagement not sales:

  • Build a referral network.
  • Not a queue at a cash machine.

7. (14:22) Lock Google+ in to your content and website:

  • Put your video on a page that has Authorship assigned and a Google+ widget.
  • Transcribe your content for SEO on your web page.

8. (16:58) Do you ride solo or in a pack:

  • Content you create will be focused, concise and strong for your brand.
  • Content created communally, in a Hangout On Air, will be less concise but more likely to be shared and marketed on a broader basis.

9. (19:10) Figure out what you are comfortable with:

  • Create content you are comfortable with, if you like to host a show, then host, if you like to produce your own stuff then produce.

10. (20:50) Choose what type of video you want to create:

  • After you have figured out all the previous steps, you will have arrived at a place where the content you create should be obvious...
  • Now you just have to be creative and distinct...

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