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We are an online marketing company that are content creation specialists, we realised the power of Google+, we understand the future of Google's semantic search. We see that SMEs need help to develop their online marketing and a web presence that takes advantage of semantic search. The team came together and launched SME Heroes to turn SMEs into online marketing heroes. 



There are SMEs out there that perform heroic services for their clients. The teams mission is to help such SMEs communicate their unique identity using state of the art semantic search ready online marketing techniques. This is achieved through a powerful web presence that provides all the tools SMEs need to establish their credibility.

We help you create the content you need to succeed in a competitive online marketplace.

Whether it is the complete web presence system you need, or some help with blogging, we have a service suitable for your needs and target market.

Meet The Team:

The team are specialists in each of their respective area's. Combining their skillsets allows SME Heroes to produce unparalleled web presences for SME's.


The marketeer who helps you take advantage of the latest marketing techniques. 

Additional skills

Commercial photographer, Google+ advisor, trainer, social media trainer, marketing coach.


The storyteller who listens and creates content that tells your story. 

Additional skills

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn advisor, social media trainer, marketing coach.


The videographer who creates videos that lifts your products and services up to new heights. 

Additional skills

Video editing, scripting, planner.


The designer who pulls everything together into a cohesive message. 

Additional skills

Developer, website builder, coder.

Parent companies

SME Heroes was formed when two established businesses came together formally after working many years together on joint projects, with the goal of creating a modern marketing agency that helped businesses with their online marketing, by mixing the skillsets the two companies together became more useful to businesses than the sum of their parts.

Business Photography

  • High end commercial photography and videography
  • Google+ marketing training and support

Something Beckons

  • Web, print and content design
  • Marketing support
  • Social media training