Affiliate Sign Up Instructions

Follow these simple steps to get yourself up and running*:

*We reserve the right to refuse applications and remove affiliates who practice any black hat techniques that would damage our brand.


Step 1:

Navigate to the training courses section on SME Heroes here:


Step 2:

Create account.


Step 3:

Fill out form.

Step 4:

Send us a message:

Once we have accepted the request, you will be able to access your affiliate account.

(Fill out all details)

Step 5:

Navigate to Admin:

Admin Page

(Will only show when we have approved your account)

Step 6:

Enter your Paypal Details:

step 6 Paypal.jpg

Step 7:

Grab your coupon code:

Step 8:

Paste the coupon code link into the top box on the affiliate box.

Then all you have to do is click the bottom box as per the instructions and...    ...voila.


You now have an affiliate link you can share.

You might want to shorten it so it is a little less ugly and easier to share, you can use Bitly, which is a URL shortener to do this: