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Market A Product Or Service Online With An AIDA Marketing Funnel

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So you have created a product or service to sell, but you don't know how to market it?

What do you do?

You need an AIDA Marketing Funnel.


It will help you automate your marketing.

It will enable you to get sales from your social media marketing.


The AIDA Sales Funnel

So What Exactly Is An AIDA Marketing Funnel?

An AIDA Marketing Funnel is a marketing technique that drives traffic to a specific objective.

It is also highly automated in many of its parts which saves you time.


The AIDA Process:

The psychological flow of a purchasing journey has not changed much since its first clarification in the late 19th century (source).

It essentially breaks the process down into 4 core elements or processes that a buyer will go through in making a purchase.

It then maps that to the marketing or sales copy flow so that the buyer is guided through the marketing / sales process.


The Four Phases Are:

  • Attention
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action



The Attention phase is where you grab the potential clients attention and typically is a very short space of time, so the focus is on being compelling.


The Interest phase is where more information is given, that solidifies the attention phase and also encourages the viewer to move to the Desire phase.


The Desire phase heavily promotes the benefits and explains how the viewer will gain some type of advantage. This tends to be much more informative and is often educational in nature and points to the Action phase.


The Action phase is typically at the end of the marketing material and encourages a specific action, often with an implied benefit that is time restricted or has additional benefit if taken now.


You Don't Want Everyone As A Client:

One of the hidden but stronger benefits of a good AIDA Marketing Funnel, is that it qualifies people out of the marketing cycle as well as in.

This is often resisted in business, but rejecting people that are not potential customers saves your business time and money in the long run.

When you do qualify someone in, you now have someone who is definitely interested in your product and worth marketing to, you have just identified a potential niche client.

The further down the funnel they go, the deeper the qualification and greater chance they will become a potential client.


Automating Your Marketing Online:

One of the major advantages of online marketing is that you can automate much of it in a way that was impossible until relatively recently.

That means that a good AIDA funnel has much of the DESIRE and ACTION phase automated.

So that you can concentrate on promoting the ATTENTION and INTEREST phase.

In fact, over time, the INTEREST phase will lessen as you produce more and more content that goes out into Google Search.

Reducing the need to create lots of content as people find the content you have been storing on the internet.


A Strategic Look At An AIDA Sales Funnel:

Here is a mindmap* of an AIDA Sales Funnel for a Udemy Training Course:


*Grab your free A3 sized PDF download of this mind map above^


This particular flow is designed to market a digitally delivered Udemy Course, but can be used with nearly any product or service where someone has to be convinced of the value of that offering.


So How Do I Plan An AIDA Flow?

The way to use this is to reverse the activity in the mind map.

So you start from the end goal and work your way backwards, so in the example above you would:

1. Create your ACTION product (in this case a Udemy training course)

2. Created your DESIRE content - in this example we would create a mini course about the subject. We would automate that course and send it out by email and it would be hidden away from the public.

3. Create your INTEREST content on your website - this is blogs / videos / articles that will then lead to deeper content with more value behind your newsletter sign up.

4. Create your ATTENTION content - this is social media marketing posts that lead people back to the website where the INTEREST content is stored.

By reversing the workflow you only produce the content that is essential for your end objective.


The Flow From A Potential Clients Perspective

So how do you get a client from social media to a sale?

What exactly do you need to do?

  1. Share your Social Media Marketing ATTENTION Content, that points back to your website, on social channels.
  2. When a potential client lands on your website, they will be introduced to your INTEREST content , which will give information and point to an additional bonus (pdf download for example) behind a newsletter sign up.
  3. When they have signed up, you release the automated DESIRE content, a short mini course, PDF, Video or some other digital resource that is highly valuable to the potential client. 
  4. During the DESIRE content phase, your potential client will be exposed to your premium ACTION content which you can then sweeten with offers / promotions / deals etc.

Now you should have some paying clients or at the very least someone on your mailing list!


Become An AIDA Marketing Pro:

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