Become An SME Heroes Affiliate:

Do You Want To Earn Residual Income Selling Online Training Courses?

We are always looking for partners who can sell our online courses through their blogs, YouTube videos, newsletter lists or even social media accounts.

So if you would like to know more then read on...

How It Works:

You take a coupon code, share it with your following or promote it online.

You then receive 44% of the total income for all sales you generate.

You will also gain all affiliate income from any new student that you bring to the site for a period of 365 days.

So whatever they buy from the site for the first year, you will earn 44% commission from.

So if you sell a course for £99, then you will earn approximately £44 from that sale.


How Much Can You Earn?

That is completely up to you, it could be some pin money, or it could be a serious stream of residual income depending on how much time you are willing to put into promoting the courses.


What Course Can You Sell?

All of our courses are available for you to sell, just scroll down this page to see the full list of courses currently on offer.

We are going to be adding more courses all the time, so if one of your students purchases another course in their first year, then you receive the commission from that as well!


How Do I Get Paid?

Our affiliate system is handled by a third party provider called Fedora.

Each month all sales you generate are tracked and recorded.

There there is a 30 day refund period where buyers of the courses can request refunds if they are not happy for any reason with the course they have purchased.

This means that sales are paid out on a monthly basis after the refund period has finished.

Example: All sales in February will be paid in April automatically through the Fedora system straight into your PayPal account.


How Do I Get Started?

Just go to the Affiliate Sign Up Instructions Button on this page and take some really simple steps and then you are good to go...



Full instructions on how to sign up can be found here:


Current Courses Available:

Here is the full list of courses currently on offer that our registered affiliates can share:

Create Your Own YouTube Marketing Video

Learn how to plan film and market a YouTube talking heads marketing video

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Learn How To Create A Social Media Marketing Stategy & Grow Your Business

Learn how to create a social strategy that helps you get customers into your business

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Learn How To Write Marketing Headlines That Get Customers Attention

Good marketing titles are essential for getting results, this course shows you how to write those titles

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Online Residual Income Business Models Explained

Learn the different ways that you can earn residual income online

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Create Your Own Udemy Course - Planning Filming Marketing Promotion

Build your own Udemy training course and sell your expertise online

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Market Your Udemy Course With Google+ & YouTube Marketing

Learn how to use Google+ and YouTube to market your Udemy Course

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Learn How To Take Better Photographs With Any Camera Overnight

Learn how to compose an image and see light and improve your photography skills

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