Are You A Blogger?

A word of encouragement

There are essentially 3 types of blogger that exists

The business blogger
The residual income blogger
The personal blogger

The business blogger writes to gain traction for their business within the social sphere, so the currency they are trying to earn is business awareness.

The residual income blogger writes to gain traction for the advertising / affiliate links on their blog so their currency is direct revenue.

The personal blogger writes for the sheer enjoyment of writing and sharing socially and their currency is social engagement.

The Law Of Critical Mass

In each of these, the one thing that is the fundamental law to the success is the law of critical mass, the idea you have to keep pushing, prodding, tweaking and working until your blog starts to gather pace that outstrips the personal effort you have put into it.

So if you are out their blogging, remember to keep on keeping on, it is the diligent who win the blogging race...

How Is Your Blog Doing?

How is your blog going right now?

Are you pushing it along, committing to it and working on it despite all evidence that it is not currently successful?

If you do and your content is well written, useful and relevant, then time and energy are your greatest friends when it comes to your blogs success.

AuthorMark Timberlake