If you want your business to get found on Google you need to picture your perfect client, the one you would love to reach with your marketing and product. The first step towards helping your business get found on Google is a clear picture about what your perfect client looks like, what they want to buy from you and what needs do they have that you can meet? Whatever picture you see, this is your treasure, this is the gold you are seeking. 


Would your business get found on Google if your perfect client was searching for you

What if that client wanted to find you? What if they wanted to be noticed by you, or someone like you?

Ask yourselves these two important questions:

  1. “Would my perfect client find me if they were looking for me on Google?”
  2. “Would they find me on the “web”?”


How your business could get found on Google on the old web

The old concept of the web was made up of links between businesses and pages.

In the past, you could pay an SEO company lots of money to get you to the top of Google and help your business get found on Google. They would do this by building lots of links back to your website from other websites and by stuffing your website to the brim with lots of keywords and phrases. It required deep pockets.

Google didn’t like this situation. Google wants relevant content to appear in search. Google does not want manipulated content to get found on Google.


How your business can get found on Google using the new web

The new concept of the web is made up of the links between real people and organisations. It is called the semantic web.

It is the living breathing connections between people that are using the internet. Their interactions, conversations, visits, habits, searches are all measured as connections by Google search. This new web, the semantic web has to be measured and searched in different ways than it was in the past.


Semantic search is the new way for your to get found on Google

This new web is explored by Google using “semantic search”. When answering search queries, semantic search looks for individuals (real people) that are interactive, and have authority, integrity and influence. Google are putting those people at the top of the search results.

This means that the new way to get found on Google is to create credibility in the new web. Credibility is now everything in search. Credibility cannot be faked. Credibility has to be real. Credibility has to be earned.


You need authority to get found on Google

So how does one get credibility in this new web? Credibility is built by providing valuable content and engaging with others. It has to be done in a social sense and it has to be done using the right techniques. Those with social authority get the advantage in Google search. Social authority can be intentionally gained, if you know how.


Google+ and your blog are key tools that can help you get found on Google

It is Google+ content and Google authorship that Google primarily measures when establishing authority. All your work on other social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn is great for things like brand awareness and customer service, but they are not the best for search. 

The quickest and best way to get found on Google and perform in search is to gain authority, integrity and influence. You do this by leveraging the power of Google+ and your blog and establishing Google authorship. Doing that the right way, using inbound marketing techniques and social engagement principles, is the key to gaining credibility.


A new era

We are in a completely new era. The web has evolved. It is completely new. Like with all new things, first there is a gold rush. Now is the time for the gold rush. Soon lots of people will be camped out on this new web.

There will come a point when lots of people really switch on to the power of Google+. Then it will be much harder to find the gold. Now is the time to go prospecting for gold to be in with a chance of taking the lead and ensuring you get found on Google.


Getting ready for prospecting

Rushing out and going prospecting with little preparation or training is a recipe for disaster. No one can go gold mining without the following:

  1. Direction -  A map and strategy to reach the destination
  2. Tools - Semantic and mobile ready website
  3. Transport - Connections between you and Google's channels
  4. Technique - Mining for gold requires the correct training and techniques

So is it time for you to get set up and go do some prospecting for gold? There is gold in them there hills...


SME Heroes

We are semantic web specialists, who deliver a powerful web presence through websites, photography, video, content, Google+ expertise and training that enables you to go mining for gold and get found on Google.

-Mark Timberlake

AuthorMark Timberlake