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If you want to get found in search, especially mobile and tablet search, then you need a responsive website.

But how do you test your website, what is it you are supposed to be looking for?

In this video we show you how to test your website and yes, even other websites, so you can see if they are mobile ready, or responsive.

Watch the video to learn how to test your website.

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Full Transcript

Many businesses are wondering if they’ve got mobile websites and in fact many business thing that they’ve got mobile ready websites when they actually haven’t. So were going to show you how to test for that, how do you check if you website is mobile ready, whether it’s what they call responsive?

Now why would you even be worried about this? Well something interesting has happened over the last few years which most of us are aware about, about that sudden impact on search and this is what’s happened.

Increasingly, in fact I think the figures are 50% or above now of searches online happen on smartphones or tablets. Now when you do a search on a smartphone or tablet it’s a different type of search to what you would do in a normal browser, in the sense that Google looks at the device the person is using and then they look at your website and ask, is this website going to give this use the best experience?

Now if it doesn’t, if it’s not responsive, it it’s not mobile ready, what will happen is that that website will get pushed below other websites, all things being equal, it will get pushed below other websites that are. So it’s a disadvantage if you haven’t and it’s an advantage if you have.

But how do you really check because there’s something else that’s going on? There’s a lot of people out there at the moment selling websites saying there mobile friendly when there not. How do you check your website? How do you check its mobile ready? Very simple and were going to show you how.

Ok so I’m just going to do a screen share, so all you need to do is bring up your website in a browser window.

Now what we’re going to do is this, we are going to take the bottom corner of the browser and were going to stretch it across so that it looks the same size as a smartphone. Now you’ll notice when you look at this website that all the text is still readable, it’s still a large size and obviously you can test this on a mobile phone as well, this is just a quick way to check it on your computer so you can see that all the text hasn't shrunk.

Now if you test a normal website, if you look at a normal website on a mobile device you will see is what looks like a really small TV screen monitor, with really small writing you can hardly see.

But with a mobile ready responsive website, the text stays the same size and it’s easy to see. A and there’s another little hint for you, click the menu and you will see this special menu that comes down here now that’s an indicator that you've got a responsive website because the website has adapted itself to the size of your device and its actually changed the way the menus displayed and watch what happens when I turn this to a normal sort of size.

The "home services training" you can see, go back to normal and thats another little tip. Another thing you should find is video scale, so here is a video we are playing. You can see that it is actually scaled to fit the device and the same thing all the way down your website will scale and it will drop into a column format on a mobile device.

Now don’t test this on a tablet test it on a mobile. Why do I say that? Because on a tablet you can be fooled sometimes, you don’t really see the responsive difference. So that is how you test it.

So in summary if you want to make sure that you know you are delivering the user experience through your website that Google wants to return in Google semantic search, you have to make sure you have a responsive website.

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Thank you for watching, keep your eye out for some more tips, short tips were going to be producing in the future and we hope you bump into you again.

This is Mark Timberlake from SME Heroes TV.

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