So You Want To Create A Successful & Profitable Udemy Course?

Creating A Successful Udemy Course

Creating a Udemy Course that will succeed is a tricky art and no one can guarantee that your course will become a top course.

The Golden Triangle

But if you want it to become a top course, there are three key steps you need to take. 

We call these three steps "The Golden Triangle":

1. Build a quality course

2. Build social proof

3. Create an AIDA sales funnel

To help you with this, we have created a PDF which you can download as a quick reference guide with some further detail.

Step 1 - Create Your Course:

Start with a small course that you can build over time - create a “minimum viable product” - you first course is a learning experience - so keep it simple

Commit to the highest production values you can afford to - customers expect quality courses

Research your niche - see what competition is present on Udemy before you start - look for sub niches like “social media marketing for the hospitality industry”

If there is no niche course - see if there is demand for it on the internet

Get filming!

Step 2 - Build Social Proof

Sign up to Google+ / YouTube as these are perfect partners for marketing a Udemy Course

Create Free Content around your course subject

Establish your expertise by talking about your niche area of expertise - don’t talk fluffy cats unless your course is on fluffy cats

Seek collaborative marketing opportunities like Hangouts On Air with others in your industry

Join relevant communities online - dont’ spam - help people - answer questions

Build your own community when you have built up enough social proof (advanced)

Step 3 - Create An AIDA Sales Funnel

Create a Free Course - PDF or Video and host it on your website

Put it behind a sign up page


Attention: Tell people about your free course on social media

Interest: Get a newsletter sign up in exchange for access to the free course and deliver the course by email

Desire: Explain the “what” and the “why” of what you are teaching - stress the benefits - create desire

Action: Promote the full paid course in your free course and explain that is where the detailed “how” is - stimulate action with special offers

AuthorMark Timberlake