Why do you do what you do? 

When someone finds you on Google do you tell them the why or the what? It might seem like an irrelevant question, but what drives your business, why do you run your business? 

If you are telling people the "what" of your business then you are doing what 99% of all businesses do and you will fail to stand out from the crowd.


For marketing success, you must tell them the WHY

If however, you can communicate the 'why' in your marketing, the vision, the emotion, the logic, the passion that drives you, and the core values of your business, then those that share the same vision, the same emotional and logical values, the same passion will connect with you. Through the 'why' question, your marketing will serve a purpose.

Apple is a master at this. You don't buy computers from Apple. You buy into their vision of what quality computing is. Consider for a moment the emotional value that Apple brings to your mind when you think about their products. Creating emotional values around your brand, product and marketing is a key aspect of creating engagement when your business is found on Google.

Simple steps to enable the why in your marketing

  • Write down the positive emotional values you associate with your products or services
  • Write down the negative emotional values you associate with not having your product
  • Write a blog post that creates awareness about the negative emotional values that exist when someone does not have your product and highlight the need for the positive emotional values
  • Create a simple call to action on your blog that encourages readers to reach out to you, a sign up to your newsletter marketing for instance
  • Share that blog on Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin, pointing back to the blog and the simple call to action.

The SME Heroes why

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AuthorMark Timberlake