This is a story about a man and car and how it relates to some business owners approach to business building and marketing.

One day a man decided to build a car. He had some spare parts kicking around and access to a local junk yard. But he didn't really know where to start. So he asked his mechanic friends how to build a car. They told him he needed to use certain tools. They could lend him the tools as he needed them. The problem was each friends was insisting that the tools they used were the best ones for the job. 

So one day, all he used was a hammer. But he could not build his car. The next day all he used was a crowbar. But that didn't work either. Next he just used an adjustable wrench, and another day it was a welding torch. But he just couldn't build that car. How is your car building going? More importantly, how is your business building and web presence going?


Car building as it relates to business building

Most of us build a business like this. We get told to do certain things at certain times. We proceed to try and build a business with that tool for a short time. We then move on to another tool if that does not work. Sometimes we will continue to use the same tool for ever and a day in the hope that it will somehow work for us at some point.

When it comes to marketing, you may even have done all of these things. You have tried Facebook, you have tried Twitter, LinkedIn and maybe even Pinterest. You may even have tried blogging on your website. However, none of these things seem to work and you remain puzzled as to why. 

The web presence tool kit

The problem is that these are just individual tools.  What you need is a tool kit. You need different tools for different jobs. Using a hammer to do everything never really works. Your web presence is your tool kit. This web presence contains all the tools you need and is the most important concept you have when trying to reach customers online.

Only two sets of web presence tools

Their are two sets of tools in your web presence tool kit. The first set of tools are those that enable "long tail social media marketing". These tend to be website blogs and articles, Google+ and YouTube accounts. The second set of tools are those tools that enable "short tail social media marketing". Tools like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

The difference between the two sets of web presence tools

A "long tail social media marketing" tool is a tool that can be indexed in Google search results. This means it can be created and then stored in Google search so it can be found later. Blogs, Google+ and YouTube are indexed in Google search.

A "short tail social media marketing" tool is a tool that is not indexed by Google. Once you put it out there, it disappears very quickly within the feed of that channel. Facebook, Twitter and to a lesser degree, LinkedIn are these types of tools.

Now think about that for a moment, most of what you do on Facebook and Twitter cannot be seen in Google search. That means the marketing you do on there cannot be found by potential clients, except for those looking within that channel. 

How to build your web presence 

The first tools you should use when building your car, or your web presence, are those tools that are going to put your marketing content into Google search and keep it there. Investing in "long tail social media marketing"  is really about creating a visible distinct presence that can be found in Google Search. It is this type of marketing that creates a "web presence". It is this type of marketing that builds the car. 

Tools to share your web presence

All cars need to be cleaned and polished once built. This is a good way to look a "short tail social media marketing". Once your car is built, once your marketing is established you can now share that marketing via Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. You can re share your "long tail" content on "short tail" platforms. So create the content on your blog, Google+ and YouTube, then re share that via Facebook and Twitter in byte size chunks.

So you don't need a new website?


You need a web presence... 

Which includes a website that good quality and linked in to all the correct channels, so your business can get found by your potential clients. 

The SME Heroes web presence pack

We build 'cars' for clients, so that they can pick up the keys, sit down in the drivers seat and drive off.  We call that car the SME web presence pack

-Mark Timberlake

AuthorMark Timberlake