Is Your Social Media Marketing Monster Swallowing You Up?

Do you feel like you are spending lots of time and getting nowhere with it?

Are you tweeting incessantly, posting on Facebook, blogging on Linkedin Pulse and sharing on Google+ with no sense of return for your efforts?

If this is the case, and I suspect it is in 99% of most business' experience when they use social media marketing, then there are 2 simple things you need to do to start getting the Monster under control.


Train Your Social Media Marketing Monster

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Taming The Social Media Monster

If you want to control the Social Media Monster, then there are 2 things you need to do.

1. Be very specific about what the Social Media Monster's mission is.

2. Be very clear what it is you want from the Social Media Monster.

Sending The Social Media Monster On The Wrong Mission

Most people ask their Social Media Monster to run around doing "tactical stuff".

They focus on "tactics":

"I have 5 thousand followers on Twitter"

"I post twice a day on Facebook"

"I chat in this LinkedIn community"

Here is the question if you are doing this stuff:


Is it because someone told you to do that?

Often it is.

The problem you have here is very simple...

You Are Focusing The Social Media Marketing Monster On Tactics Not Strategy!

A strategy is an overarching plan for your social media marketing.

The tactics are the specific activities you use to make your plan happen.

Most business' have no plan, no strategy and are randomly sending their Social Media Marketing Monster crashing around the landscape on this task or that task, but it is not linked to anything cohesive, there is no plan in place!

And the reason that there is no plan in place is because there is no clearly defined "end objective".

The Monster does not know what you ultimately want...

What Do You Want From Your Social Media Marketing Monster?

You want sales right?

And here is the problem, the Social Media Marketing Monster is rubbish at getting sales.

He is terrible at it, in fact he is so bad at it, that he will actually lose you sales.

So it is pointless sending him out there with "buy me, buy me" messages.

But here is what he can be very good at, if you train him properly.

He can be very good at fetching people and dropping them into your digital sales funnel...

And a digital sales funnel is VERY good at getting sales when set up correctly.

What Is A Digital Sales Funnel?

A digital sales funnel is an online AUTOMATED mechanism that filters prospective clients.

How does it work?

It works on the age old AIDA psychological sales principles.

Attention / Interest / Desire / Action


AIDA: Attention - Get someones attention

The first thing you have to do is get someones attention, make them stop dead in their tracks and pay attention to what you have to say.

First they have to notice you and then they have to decide to take you seriously.

This is where Social Media Marketing comes in, this is where you can convince them of your expertise and authority.

This is where you earn Social Proof from others as they send out social signals like follows, likes, reshares, reviews, testimonials and mentions.

Social Media Marketing should be used to generate and establish Social Proof around you and your business.

Once your social proof is convincing enough and you give people a specific reason, a specific benefit to moving into your funnel, then they will move to the INTEREST phase of your funnel.


AIDA: Interest - Figuring Out Who Is Genuinely Interested

You have to filter people in and out of your sales funnel, a newsletter sign up will do this for you.

People value their inbox and if you can persuade them that it is worth exchanging their email address for your free information, then you know they are interested. If they do not sign up, then one of two things have happened:

1. They haven't been convinced yet of the value of your offer in exchange for their email.

2. They are not the right fit for your business.

If people are not showing interest, then you have to examine why it is not interesting from THEIR perspective.

If they hit your sign up page and bounce off, then that is wonderful, because you have just got rid of people who should not be in your sales funnel.

If they are not willing to give you their email address, I can pretty much  guarantee they won't want to give you their money...

But let us assume they are now interested and have told you that by giving you permission to send them emails, we now move to DESIRE


AIDA: Desire - Educating Potential Clients To Desire

Once people are on your newsletter list you can now generate DESIRE.

If someone joins your newsletter list they are now willing to receive your content.

This is where you need to send them free educational content, or content of value to them.

How much content?

How deep a desire do you need to awaken before they will buy your product or services?

£3 product - shallow desire 

£3000 product - deep desire

So depth and quality of content can differ depending on the value of the transaction you need them to make.

The deeper they go, the more desire is realised and awakened.

Most of the time people cannot buy from a business because they do not understand the value that that business offers.

It is only through educating them, for free, that they can learn the value and deepen their desire for your product or service.

This is why we need free content that educates and awakens that desire.

And points them to a paid service - something they can act on...


But we also need to mention AUTOMATION.

The content you deliver should be automated, a series of newsletter articles, a series of video training modules, whatever it is, you need to make sure that the content you are sharing can go out automatically.

That way, someone is added to your newsletter list by the Social Media Marketing Monster, they can go through a full series of educational material which is linked to a promotional offer.


If you can share enough benefits and clearly and simply explain how your services or products will help them and add value to their lives, then they are ready to move to the ACTION stage.


AIDA: Action - Getting Someone To Take Action

Throughout the DESIRE phase we are calling people to ACTION.

So one of the dilemmas we now face, is how do you know what to give away for free and what to charge for?

In the Desire phase you want to focus on the "what" and the "why" of your product or service.

But in the ACTION phase you promise the "how".

The what and the why generates desire, or the inverse, clarifies that someone does not need it and sends them out of the sales funnel, leading the way for the "how" to be purchased.

So you must make sure you have a call to action all the way through your DESIRE content, make sure a bridge is in place for your potential clients to walk over from.

Now if someone is pausing between DESIRE and ACTION then you can give them a little push over the bridge by adding value to your ACTION offer.

You can do that in a number of ways

  • Offer discounts
  • Added value
  • Time limited offers
  • Bundle deals

Sweeten the action with something they cannot afford to miss and you will help them over.

But here are 2 key things people fail to do in the ACTION phase.

1. Ask them to take the action

2. Be very specific about that action

So now we have a digital sales funnel set up, what does our monster now do?


A Happy Social Media Marketing Monster

The Monster is now happy, he knows what he is supposed to be doing and now he is hunting out people to drop them in the sales funnel.

And that is all he has to do, find people and bring them back.

This means that with your digital sales funnel in place, all you have to do is keep working on the attention part of your sales funnel.

Talking, engaging, sharing, helping and point others back to your digital sales funnel...

All the content you now create, all the social media activity you deliver should lead back to your sales funnel.

Your Social Media Marketing Monster should always be kept on task.

Feeding people into your Digital Sales Funnel...


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AuthorMark Timberlake