Udemy Training Course

Course Summary - Module 7

Welcome to the seventh module in the training course, where we summarise all the elements you have been through in the training.

In this short section, we will go through the whole process and help you lay the steps out for creating a successful Udemy Course in a clear and easy to understand manner.



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Some of our 5 Star Reviews for our courses:

Udemy Course Creation Training:

“Outstanding course!

Social Media Marketing Course

“Exactly the course I needed”

Marketing Headlines Course

“Excellent content and presentation!”

Online Residual Income Training

“Great Course to Get You Started in an Online Business Journey!”

This is my second course with Mark Timberlake, and again I’m wowed! He is clearly an expert in his field. Mark explains the technical aspects of production very well, and in a way that is easy to follow. Also, this course goes above and beyond teaching the typical marketing strategies. Mark is an avid proponent of genuine communication and relationship building between “seller” and “buyer” as the basis of all marketing efforts, and he shows you step-by-step how to do it. This is a very refreshing approach! Students of this course will not only learn to create outstanding products, but also to be outstanding marketers, setting themselves apart from everyone else! This course is truly a gem!

— Dr. Nicola Kluge

“I am experienced in traditional SEO and have an extremely popular website, but have shied away from social media, not really convinced that it was worth the effort for my marketplace. I took the course to confirm my prejudices and have learned how very wrong I was. It’s not about the mechanics – the ‘how to set up a Facebook account’ type course. There are plenty of those around. No, this course is unique in that it goes into very clear detail showing exactly what social media is all about, why it works, and how most people get it wrong. I am extremely grateful for this intelligent piece.”

 Len Smith

“This content (as well as the instructor’s presentation of it) is incredible. I can see how I’ve sped through some of these steps in the past, and it may have hurt my business as a result. I can definitely see myself returning to this course in the future as I refine my website content. So wonderful to have all of this information at quick reference. He knows (and tells) the secrets others keep at bay!”

— Portia Jackson

“I am putting together an Online Residual Income Business for the first time and I saw a Facebook post pointing to this course. It turns out this is exactly what I need to get started. The course covers a high-level discussion on building a residual income business and answers most of the questions a newbie might have. I highly recommend this to anyone starting out on their online business (like myself).”

— Jomar Bulos