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Creating Your Own TV Show On A £300 Budget

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Creating your own show, your own channel on a £300 budget seems impossible, but is it?

In this video, we discuss the philosophy of starting your own show for marketing purposes and what software and equipment you will need.

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Some notes from the video:

Launching your own TV channel - Things to consider:

Video marketing is the most powerful form of marketing available if used properly.

Be a specific channel - not the whole sky box.

Appeal to a specific audience.

Expert or celebrity?

Who are you trying to be, an expert or a celebrity?

Experts are useful, celebrities are entertaining.

Be useful, your content should be about the audience, not you.

Communicate your expertise by being useful and relevant.

Keep your show fresh:

Make sure your shows have variation, keep them fresh, if you are going to have the same people on all the time, make it a feature, just don’t interview the same people every week, think about your audience.

Presentation tips:

When you first start, you will appear a little mechanical, you will be so focused on the process rather than presentation.

But keep practising and you will soon be comfortable.

Quality of video:

Good backgrounds, good visuals, good light & good sound.

Basic kit (with links):



Voice Meeter


Logitech c920 HD

Jabra UC Voice 250 MS Noise Cancelling USB Headset

Continuous Lights

Green Screen Backdrop

Additional resources:

Fast Pc with i5 or i7 processor with 8gb ram (recommended)

Fast broadband connection (essential)


Marketing help

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