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How do I get customers to visit my website?

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In this video we share how to get potential clients to visit your website.

Using a simple "movie" analogy, you will see how you too can create value that people want.

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Some notes from the video:

Their first date

Taking the potential customer to your website is like a date.

You need to produce a movie on your website - on a web page - not a blog, that they will want to see.

Your web page will need to link to G+, YouTube, Google Authorship, to get all the Google juice possible.

Transcribe your video on your web page, not on YouTube so that you save your SEO for your own website.

Link to your services on your page, specific services so that you can pass authority from page to page.

Now go and find viewers on a social platform.

Title your post - name the movie (use narrative).

Create some mystery - ask a question and create a trailer, give them enough information that they want to watch the movie on your website.

Invite them back with a link and make sure they know you have lots of other movies.

Ask them for their contact details so that they do not miss the next movie, request their newsletter sign up on your video (use YouTube annotations)...


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