Google+ / YouTube Set-up & Management


Setting up and managing Google+ Business & YouTubePages so that they can work for your business can be a complicated and time consuming task

From Google+ to YouTube

Setting these up correctly can often be a minefield. Google has migrated all of their Local Pages onto the Google+ platform and this has created a headache for many business owners as the transition is complicated.

YouTube is also now being integrated into Google+ creating even more confusion.

Post management and engagement is also an important element and something we can take care of for you.


Our Google+ set-up and management services:

  • Google+ business page set-up
  • Google+ local page set-up
  • Cross linking between channels
  • Tools set-up
  • Post and engagement management


Google+ Business Page Setup:

From £150+VAT

YouTube Company Channel Setup:

From £150+VAT

An example of our set-up service:

Google+ Business Page:

Here we have a Google+ Business page with branding that matches the website and the YouTube company channel:


YouTube Company Channel Setup:

Getting the pages to work together can be a complex task which we can handle for you.

  • YouTube company channel set-up
  • Introductory video for YouTube Channel
  • Cross branding


Some of the tips, Mark, our resident Google+ expert offers in this area.

"Creating a Google+ presence and YouTube presence is fundamental to web presence marketing success."

"Google+ is it, it is here to stay and people need to engage with it if they want to take advantage of the incredible opportunity it provides."

Some community feedback:

"One final note about +Mark Timberlake and his team at +SME Heroes .  As individuals, and as a company, they exemplify the spirit of G+, and are well worthy of being in your circles." Marilyn Moore - Right Start Websites

Google+ Training

Learn how to improve your rankings in Google local search results:

If you would like to discuss your Google+ set up needs with us, then please drop us a an email or give us a call.