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Google+ For Business Free Training

Google+ can be quite daunting for a business.

In this video training we explain how to use Google+ in a simple and straightforward manner.

We also provide links to more advanced videos in the training itself.

Topics covered

  1. (01:16) Introduction to menus
  2. (13:00) Introduction to posting
  3. (25:55) Introduction to circles
  4. (34:34) Connecting to engagers
  5. (45:09) Creating and curating content
  6. (56:25) How to use a business page
  7. (1:03:36) Google+ daily workflow

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Further advanced training available:

Learning the mechanics of Google+

This video will help you learn how to use Google+, especially from a business perspective.

We have also provided lots of links to more in depth training on some of the elements.

Marketing help

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