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Testimonials - A Selection

Social Media Marketing For Business

I would like to commend Mark for the practicality of this course. After creating a marketing strategy and presentation for a private airport, they agreed to utilize my services.

~Matthew Pinkey

YouTube Video Marketing & SEO

This course is outstanding! I love that this course is packed with great info -no fluff (!) - just pure, focused knowledge. Exactly what I needed to get up to speed fast! The course is well organized and the course material well explained. The instructor is very personable and very responsive. When you buy this course, you get an awesome instructor (=mentor) with it, who will help you be successful! Any questions you might have, this instructor is there to help. I love this! 5 STARS!!

~Nicola Kluge

Local SEO - Learn Local SEO Fast

I've been an IT Professional for over a decade, and 3 years ago I started my own business providing break/fix IT support to local businesses in my area. In response to client requests, I've decided to take the plunge and really solidify my knowledge and ability to provide marketing services. This course was fantastic at filling in gaps in my understanding and providing a foundation for me to actually start helping a few clients with local SEO. I've already signed up for Mark's other marketing courses and can't wait to learn more.

~ Will Marple

Email Marketing For Business

This is a great course for getting an understanding of how to create, build and manage your email list. Mark is a great teacher, well informed and has great insight. Thanks, Mark!

~ Rachel Beaney

Copywriting - Write Titles Like A Professional Copywriter

Over the last few years I have heard SEO experts say you must write titles for SEO benefit. While copywriters tell you that if you want your copy to convert it must be written for humans. What I love about this course is that it takes both perspectives into account. Its the best interpretation of copy writing I've heard from any author. Also, I recommend that you take the blog writing course as the two go together extremely well!

~ Gerald Smith

Social Media Marketing For Business

Very good grounding in social media marketing that makes the process easier and much clearer to carry out. Mark is a great tutor who knows what he's talking about. Wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone wanting to add social media to their business - this is where to start.

~ Eva Suzannah

Udemy Business Plan

This is the most valuable course I've found on becoming successful on Udemy that I've found. As a business coach for over 14 years, I am very familiar with marketing. It is rare that I find something new in marketing, yet, at almost every lecture Mark has taught me something new and very valuable. I can't emphasize enough about how valuable Mark and this course is.

~ Alan Boyer

Udemy Course Advanced Marketing

Excellent Information Share I finally get it. This course has me walking away with knowing what it takes and how to implement a successful online course, whether it's with Udemy or another platform. The secret is building the AIDA process, which Mark does an excellent job in. Most will show you the what and why and hints of how to implement. Mark digs into the how. This is a course that I will be referring back to often as I build my Sales Funnel. I finally get it. Thanks Mark.

~ Andre Kasberger

Udemy Business Plan

Mark's Udemy course creation lecture is one of the best out there. He doesn't just go into the nuts and bolts of how to create a course, but he teaches what you have to do to successfully market your course to make the sales. So far I have published two courses of my own, and had been a little disappointed in sales. After listening to Mark, I found that I was actually on the right track, but had to step up my game marketing wise. Ideas on how to do this and enhance my brand were constantly popping in my head.

~John Pamperin