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How To Become The Go To Business In Your Sector

Do you wonder how to become the leading authority in your sector?

In this marketing tip video, we share how you can become the go to business in your sector with a very simple and easy to understand principle.

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How to become the go to business in your sector

1. People don’t speak your language

  • Each industry has its own abstract language.
  • We have to learn abstract communication - each time we learn something new, we learn a new language.
  • Others do not know that language example from photography: creating a correct exposure is a combination of aperture, ISO and exposure shutter speed.

2. Translate your expertise into a language they do speak

  • Translate it into layman's terms.
  • Connect it to something they do understand - this is like this (create analogies) - marketing is like planting flowers that attract bees, the more flowers - the more bees.

3. Become the educator in your sector who explains and teaches

  • When someone needs to solve a problem and need help the first thing they look for is someone to help them understand the problem.
  • YouTube is full of how to videos, the web is full of how to articles.
  • By becoming the educator in your niche, by becoming the Yoda or Gandalf in their story, the one who teaches them and helps them climb the mountain, you become the expert and trusted source.
  • In technical fields, most authorities spend little time educating so the opportunity is there for you to reach out and help the masses, by doing the one simple thing the others are not doing. Translating and educating.
  • Become the universal translator from star trek that they “tap” when the want to speak.


The best marketers are the translators, those that take the expertise and language of a sector and help others outside understand it. So find the abstract and make it concrete in your sector, then you are the one that stands out.

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