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Offline Marketing Is Dead

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Offline marketing is dead! 

All you need is social media right?


In this video we share how social media does not replace offline marketing but how it compliments it.

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Notes from the show:

So offline marketing is dead right?

Now we have social media, we don’t need to do that old fashioned stuff anymore, right?


Social Media is not marketing, having a website is not marketing, writing a blog is not marketing.

Marketing is the promotion of your core values and identity with your client base. This is why we tell people the first thing you need to do is create a marketing mission statement, because that is the real core of your marketing, that is the piece of metal you hammer and saw until it looks like something useful and relevant to your prospective client. ? Link

So that means that all forms of marketing are still valid if they help to drive that promotion, what does not work is shouting at your client base, a one way conversation.

So I should do everything right?

That does not mean you need all forms of marketing and that you need to practice all forms of marketing to be successful, it means that each one of those activities are a tool in the toolbox, right?

Another thing I see people misled about is the idea you need to be on all the social channels, just because a tool is available, does not mean you have to use it, you might not need that particular tool.

Lets look at offline marketing, is telesales fashionable? No. Is it useful? To some business, yes.

I have a friend who runs a business that helps people with their offline marketing, he will take you door to door and teach you how to cold call and it is a very popular service, but he will always encourage his clients to get the online stuff right first.

The tip of the iceberg

Iceberg marketing is the reality for most businesses. It is the iceberg that you can only see 10% of in the water, but in this case, probably 1%.

Most business’ are exposed to social activity that is still old fashioned word of mouth marketing, people talk about you and your business, sometimes good, sometimes bad.
And you cannot see that stuff, it is usually part of the 7 points of contact.

Social media marketing and engagement allows the activity that is hidden under the water to be brought into the light and that is a point most people miss! It gives people a place, a touchpoint where they can connect with you online.

It is a compliment to that and they work best when used together…

Should I network?

I was involved in a conversation in Donna Becketts UK Connect Community on Google+ (one of the best UK business communities on G+ at the moment by the way) and the question came up, should you network?

I think so.

When I am networking, I am creating opportunities and pointing them back where? To my online marketing, my website, I am pointing them to free training, I am pointing them to useful resources and in this way the two work together.

Offline marketing is not dead, social media marketing has not replaced it, it has just become more powerful, because now we can create a basis for continued contact with a potential client by merging our online activity with the reality of the offline marketing that our business naturally generates.

We need to look out for the whole iceberg, not just the tip we can see, otherwise we are in danger of sinking when some of that big stuff heads our way, the stuff we normally cannot see.



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