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I'm not sure if you covered this in the course. I have a client who sells organic hair care products. We don't have permission from the manufacturer to advertise the product for purchase, but we can make content highlighting we are an authorised reseller of said product. If I were to write a piece saying the organic hair product we sell is #1 compared to 2 other brands, would that be too obvious we are trying to sell that product? How do I build more credibility?


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How would you have advised this student, what would you have said?


Here Is My Advice:

When selling any product, you first have to educate them about your expertise, so I would create blogs around the subject that really educate people about the problem you are solving, then at the end of the blog you could get them to sign up to an email with a pdf offer, then once you have their email you can start a marketing campaign with a qualified potential customer.
If you have not already done so, review the blogging section of the course and the email section of the course and that will give you lots of ideas how to do this, especially look at the 'magic of pdf's'.
Remember, your objective is not to sell to them, but to give you permission to market to them on a continual basis, that is why pushing them towards an email sign up is key.
Another thing you can do in your blogs/articles, is get customers to share their success stories, get them to write independent testimonials and reviews as people are not interested in the opinion of the seller of the product, but very much interested in the opinions of the users of the product.
I hope that helps!


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What other things could this business do besides the above?


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