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Marketing 102

Let me share with you some of marketing’s biggest secrets.

If you are new to marketing, especially online marketing, this is really going to help you grasp why a lot of people really struggle with marketing.  It is going to help you understand how to be successful with your online marketing.


The first thing we need to understand about marketing is ‘it is all about them’.  You have to broadcast on the radio channel called WIIFM - which stands for What's In It For Me.  

When you create content, especially educational content for your potential audience, they want to know what is in it for them.  When you grasp this concept it will really change the way you do marketing.

Let’s look at how best to establish WIIFM for our audience.


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Who is Bob?

Bob is the guy who spends the most amount of money with you and is the least amount of hassle.  

Bob is your perfect client.

You need to figure out who your Bob is.  You need to create a buyer’s persona where you write down:

Where is Bob from?
What do they like?
What are their hobbies and interests?
What income do they have?

I suggest you create this persona.  Get an A4 piece of paper and write all this information down and even draw a picture or pin a photo of Bob in the middle. 

Talking to Bob

Now that we know who Bob is we need to start talking to Bob.  We need to create the correct marketing content.  

At this moment I am talking to Bob, I am writing this blog article to Bob, you are my Bob!  I am talking to you directly and specifically.  It is the same whether it be a blog article or a video, you are talking to the person, to the individual, you write to Bob.  

Going Over Bob’s Head

You need to talk to Bob at a level that he can understand.  

This is another thing that people miss, especially those who have a lot of technical knowledge or are in an industry with lots of ‘industry speak’.  

They will talk to Bob using lots of technical language or references and often times Bob doesn’t understand what is being said to him!  You need to always break down what you are saying to Bob and translate it from Chinese to English, because to Bob you are indeed talking Chinese!  

There maybe some exceptions to this where Bob does understand all the technical jargon.  This is something you can establish when you create your buyer’s persona - does your Bob understand Chinese or not?

Helping Bob

This leads us to helping Bob.  

The key thing when we’re marketing, especially when creating educational marketing content is that we have to help Bob.  Our marketing content has to be educational, useful and relevant.  It has to be something they want to consume.  We really must focus our marketing on helping Bob.

Now let me tell you something really interesting about Bob and social proof.

Bob And Social Proof

Social proof is basically the concept of what others are saying about you, your products and services.   

When you market to Bob correctly, when you help Bob correctly, Bob and all the other Bobs (because we don't just get one person from marketing to ‘Bob’ it is a set of people) are going to create your social proof.

How is Bob going to create your social proof? how does this process work? 

When we put our content out there and try to target Bob, we’re going to try to use some search engine marketing and do some keyword research.  We will try and figure out what Bob is searching for and what language he is using.  

We are going to start making sure that when Bob is asking questions and searching online that he finds our answers. When Bob finds our answers through our marketing content we are helping Bob.  

Impressing Bob

Having been helped Bob is going to be impressed, Bob is going to like what we do and he is going to relate to us.  When he does that he is going to comment on our blog, comment on our social media, he might re-share some of our social media content, recommend us to someone or he might even leave a review on some free content or premium content of ours.  

Bob is our unpaid salesman.  He doesn't mind being unpaid because he has already recieved value from you.

The Big Secret

And this is the big secret, you must market to Bob and when you do Bob is going to turn around and thank you.  

Within the online world as mentioned earlier, Bob is going to provide social proof for us in one of the following ways:

Leave Comments
Provide Social Shares
Give Recommendations
Write Reviews

I see this all the time, when people like what I do they will say “Mark spoke about this...” or “Mark helped me with this…”, they will point people to me.  

This is not manipulation, it is a transaction.  When you understand this, marketing starts to make sense.

Going Forward

I suggest you go ahead and create your buyer’s persona.  Get that A4 piece of paper and write down all the traits of Bob and draw a picture of him in the middle.  Then next time you're creating a piece of marketing content stick that picture of Bob above where you're typing and talk to Bob, help Bob and your marketing content will become very powerful.  

Don't make the mistake of thinking that everybody in the world wants your stuff, they don't, only Bob does.  When you realise this and just market to Bob you're going to get some incredible marketing success.

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