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Marketing 103

Two Ways To Market

There are essentially two ways to market ourselves online.  

One is Broadcast Marketing and the other is Search Engine Based Marketing.  

Broadcast Marketing

Broadcast Marketing says if I put my stuff out to as many people as possible, a significant proportion of the number of people will buy my product and I will justify my marketing expense.  

That works great for big organisations like Coca-cola or Apple who have massive brand presence and all they have to do is remind us to buy a can of coke or the latest iphone.  But it doesn’t work very well for small business.  

Search Engine Marketing

What works much better and is a much more superior method of marketing is Search Engine Based Marketing (also known as content marketing).  

The way it works is like this, Bob (see Marketing To Bob Video) has a problem he wants solved so he goes online and uses a search engine to try and solve that problem.  

You put yourself in that search engine anticipating Bob’s search and when Bob searches he finds you.  You are then able to sell your products and services to him.  That is essentially Search Engine Based Marketing. 


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The Difference 

The difference between Broadcast Marketing and Search Engine Based Marketing is that Broadcast Marketing is to a completely cold audience whereas Search Engine Based Marketing or Magnetic marketing as it is also known are to a very warm audience. 

What you are doing is just focusing on capturing Bob’s attention rather than the unqualified masses. It is a much easier way to market.

Search Engines Are Your Friends

We need to understand that search engines are our friends.  

A lot of people don’t understand what sites are actually search engines.  The obvious example of a search engine is Google but YouTube is also a search engine which is a great place for educational content.  I’ll just mention here that educational content - content that solves someone’s problem and educates them is the best type of content because that is the content they are going to be engaged in. 

Some other search engines that are not immediately obvious are:

  • Amazon 
  • Ebay 
  • Udemy

These are search engines where you can place your content or products for people to find who are actively searching for what you have to offer.  On these search engines you have a warm audience coming to you.  You are not trying to persuade someone who has no interest at all.  You position yourself in search as the expert and you are trying to solve someone’s problem.

Bees and Flowers

What some people will say is “I am going to do some blog marketing or YouTube marketing or podcasts....” They will do it for two or three months and then they get bored and don’t do it anymore.  What you have to understand, is that is the biggest issue why people fail with Search Engine Based Marketing, they are not diligent or consistent enough.

If you take one flower and plant it in a field one bee will come, three flowers three bees will come, ten flowers ten bees will come, 100 flowers…..., 1000 flowers…...  I hope you see the point, that the more flowers you have the more bees you are going to get. 

With the creation of all this content you are essentially creating a path, a marketing funnel back to your business.  

Plant The Right Flowers

However, you have to plant the right flowers.  

This is where it gets very powerful and interesting.  Say you want to be a photography expert and you want people to buy your photography products or training.  By producing different pieces of content, say one on a particular camera and another on a particular lens you are planting the right flowers.  

But here is the interesting thing in terms of the Google search engine looking at you - you are not competing for one keyword or phrase you are starting to compete for all these different keywords in your subject area.  That’s when you start creating all these different paths that the bees can come and find you on.  

What is really important to understand and is extremely powerful is that when you commit to a  12-18 month marketing campaign where you create a piece of content every week, at the end of 12 months you will have 52 flowers.  After another 12 months you will have another 52 flowers. 

Unpaid Soldiers

The beauty of it is, that when you create a piece of Educational Marketing content, it goes out there and works for you 24 hours a day, while you are sleeping or having social time or whatever.  That content is marketing for you.  

You are creating these little marketing soldiers to go out there so that when someone comes along searching they find these soldiers and be led back to you.  

If you just keep adding a new piece of content every week (always aiming to become faster and more efficient at producing quality content consistently) it gets really exciting because you start compounding over time.  

In the beginning when you put your first videos or blogs out and only get 10 views a week on each you may be tempted to feel discouraged.  But over time at the end of the year each piece of content at 10 views a week would yield 520 views.  

Google Will Lift You

Google will then lift that content higher in search because it has had 520 views leading to yet more views because it is higher in search meaning more people will find it.  And the cycle continues with one boost making way to another boost. This is the way it works.  

If you are consistent at producing content which links to your previous content people will be able to consume more.  You will create really exciting and powerful exponential growth and interest in your videos, blogs or podcasts or whichever type of marketing you use.  You will have a marketing strategy in place that is awesome.  

The secret between those that succeed and those that don’t is diligence.  It’s the ones that commit to 12-18 months of communicating their expertise and to helping people that are the ones that succeed in the long run.  As opposed to the people that rush out and do it for a month and give up because they’re bored or because they are not getting the results.

Content Launching

The other thing you can do is Content Launching which gets stronger every time you launch.

Essentially what happens is you start off with 10 followers and say at the end of the month you have a another 100 followers to which to share your content with via a newsletter or via social media.  Then the next month it might have grown to 500 followers across all your platforms to share your content with.  

Everytime you release a new piece of content you let everyone know at once rather than a staggered approach.  What happens is they all jump onto your content and look at it and in turn it gets lifted in the search engine and then is placed in front of people that are actually searching.  

Due Diligence

You have to do your due diligence.

You have to apply what you have learned here and then Search Engine Based Marketing will help you explode the growth of your business.  

Be warned though, it won’t necessarily happen in the first few months.  But all of a sudden something will trigger and boom it will take off as long as your content remains useful and relevant and you keep planting the right flowers on the right search engines and the content is correctly optimised.

Search Engine Based Marketing (Magnetic Marketing) is a very powerful and exciting way to market yourself and your business.

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