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Don’t Be Afraid To Sell

Selling is part of marketing and when it comes to asking for the sale a lot of marketers or business owners will struggle with this.  They will be afraid to sell, I see this so much, they don’t understand that they are afraid to sell, but they are.

The first thing to understand is that selling is a part of marketing.  

A lot of traditional companies will split marketing and sales into two different departments.  However if you look at a good marketing or sales funnel they are the same process. 

I would advise, if you have a business don’t split your departments, get them working together, they are the same department who compliment each other and you’ll see why in a moment.  

Sales Are Transactional

The reason you don’t want to be afraid to sell is because good selling is about transaction, it is  about exchange. Bad selling is what people are afraid of.  

So let’s think about bad selling.  This is like a dodgy used car salesman where you try and persuade someone to buy your product irregardless whether it meets their needs or requirements. 

This is what most people perceive selling to be. 

But good selling is not like this. 

Good selling is a transaction between you and the customer which says ‘I have x which is of value to you’ and ‘you have y which we can exchange which is of value to me’. 


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You Are Both Equals 

In this situation you and the customer are both equals.  

What you are both trying to figure out is whether the proposed exchange is of equal value to each of you.  Once you get to a place where both parties are happy with the value transaction or the value proposition, now you have a sale.

When you are asking for the sale you are basically saying ‘here is a transaction that will benefit both of us, are you ready to make that transaction?’ 

Sell At The Right Moment

You also have to sell at the right moment. I see people with their online marketing doing this wrong all the time. 

What they will do is post on social media and say ‘buy my stuff’. 

However this is the wrong thing to do. If you try and sell to someone at the wrong moment they won’t buy.  And that's why people fail the most, they try to go from Attention to Action.

Build Your Funnel

To help understand when is the best time to sell let’s have a look at how a marketing funnel works.  

There is a buyer journey that someone takes which is pretty much always consistent in any transaction, we call that an AIDA funnel and it consists of:

  • Attention
  • Interest
  • Desire
  • Action

The first thing you need to do is get their attention, then you need to get their interest, then you need to create desire, then you need to ask them to take action and that is where the selling happens.

An Example Of An AIDA Funnel

An example of how this work would be a young lady is walking through a shopping mall and she sees a pretty dress in a window, this is the Attention phase.  

Looking at it she thinks that is really nice, I need a new dress for the summer I’ll go have a look at it.  

When she walks over she sees the dress was £30 put is now reduced to £20.  As she has £20 she knows can can afford the dress.  

Now she is interested but she still hasn’t moved into desire yet, this is still intellectual. 

She decides to try the dress on in her size and as she looks in the mirror she thinks this is exactly what I was looking for - this is perfect for me and now desire is developed.  It has gone from intellectual to emotional, it has moved from the head to the heart.  

She is getting ready to make a purchase because intellectually she know she can afford it and emotionally she like the dress, it is a something which will give her pleasure.  

As she leaves the changing room a sales assistant asks “did you like the dress? would you like to buy it?”  The sale is asked for at the right moment and the young lady is highly likely to buy the dress when invited. 

This is what we need to understand.  If you can build a funnel consisting of Attention, Interest, Desire and Action phases, then when people move through the process you can ask for the sale at the right time and increase your conversions.

Ask For The Sale

We don’t have to get complicated when it comes to asking for the sale, we just have to ask for the sale!  

I see this even with marketing experts that they think asking for the sale is wrong.  Don’t be frightened to ask for the sale.  

Asking for the sale in the terms of a legitimate value based transaction at the right moment is perfectly acceptable and ok.  

Once you overcome that fear because you know when to ask for the sale, you will see your sales increase...

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AuthorMark Timberlake