Platform Agnosticism

Platform agnosticism will dramatically increase your revenue as an Online Instructor!

By creating product that can be sold on multiple platforms, you will create exponential increases in profits as those platforms pick your product up and offer it to their audience.

Platform agnosticism focuses on creating courses that can be placed on multiple platforms rather than creating courses for specific platforms giving your business its maximum growth and success potential...

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Third Party Crutches

When we are building an online instructor business, third party platforms are a great place to get our business off the ground, especially if we do not have a large following or presence online.

They can be a great crutch to get you started, to help you learn how to make courses (particularly Udemy who have an excellent onboarding programme) but they should never be a "leg" of your business.

So even whilst using these platforms, we have to make sure we are developing our own business, our own selling platform and selling on our own sites to our own customers!



When we are selling on a third party platform, are those platforms granting us exclusivity?

Some instructors have this idea that you should commit to a platform and by taking it elsewhere you are "betraying" that platform.

But does that site grant you exclusivity?

Or are you competing with all the other courses on that subject on the platform?

We have to understand the terms of the relationship, they are not granting you exclusivity, so why grant them exclusivity?

When we create a course and place it on one platform, we are essentially giving them control of our product and our business, because we have made them a major shareholder in our business.

If we do not have our courses on our own platform or on multiple platforms, then we are doing damage to our own business long term, as we do not have control over our own business.


Whose Terms And Goals?

Whose terms of business operation and business goals are you operating under when you list your product on a single site?


Their business goals will not be the same as your business goals, there terms might not be the terms that you would operate under if you were not relying on them.

That means you are operating your business on their business model not your own!


Where Is Your Audience?

Where is your audience, is your audience even on that platform?

When we diversified our courses and placed them on different platforms we found something very interesting.

Different courses sold better on different platforms!

So the question you have to ask is, which platforms have an audience that you can access? Where is your audience?


Where Do You Want Your Audience To Be?

When you list your course on a third party site, you are competing with other sellers, by listing on your own site and driving traffic there, you can gain a much higher conversion because the potential customer is only seeing one call to action, one selling offer.

When you list on a third party site, they will show your course, plus your competitors courses on your course landing page!

Think about that for a moment...

So through Social Media Marketing and other online traffic driving techniques, we can drive traffic to our property and get sales without exposing them to our competitors and their courses.


Build Agnostic Courses

Create courses in a way that they can be place on diverse platforms, we have created a brand new Online Instructors Masterclass Training Course, which has platform agnosticism and marketing at its heart and will show you how to build and market courses with this philosophy in mind.

Online Instructor Masterclass

We also have an Online Instructor Masterclass Bundle, which has multiple training courses teaching you the ins and outs of online marketing to a masterclass level, so that you can create a solid footing for your business and learn how to drive traffic to your website and your courses.

Online Instructor Masterclass Bundle


18 Month Plan

I would encourage you to think about you Online Instructor Business Plan.

In 18 months, where would you like your business to be?

How much of your own income would you like to have from your own website, how much from third party sites?

I am not saying that you should not use third party sites, but that you should focus on building a business that does not rely on them, so that they are just a crutch and not a leg of your business.


The Big Question

Where do you see your online instructor business in 18 months?

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