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Now Don't Get Me Wrong...

Skillshare has some serious faults which I will number here:

  1. Atrocious communication with instructors.
  2. Terribly buggy site that does not work on certain browsers in certain areas.
  3. A completely senseless policy on blocking entrepreneurial and business building courses.
  4. A backwards moderation system where they allow courses on the platform and then give you strikes if they don't like the course.

That Being Said:

It is still a source of residual income and the types of courses that do very well on there are:

  1. Art based courses.
  2. Hobby based courses.

So if you create a more casual type of course, then the platform will work for you.

I can say with assurance, that business based and marketing courses don't do very well over there.

So Why Should I Put My Courses On There?

Doesn't seem like a big sell at the moment, does it, they have a narrow potential audience (that is their choosing and design although they don't realise what they have done), yet I am still recommending persisting with them.

Here is a simple reason (for me), why I still persist with them, every month Skillshare goes up and down in revenue and it seems to rise and fall with their policy decisions (after all, they display no real grasp of a long term road map for their own product)...

Yet they pay for my car every month, so despite all their faults they are achieving one objective for me, they are bringing me income.

They Pay For Your Car?

Yep, every month, Skillshare brings me enough revenue to pay for my car and gives me the ability to change my car to a brand new one under warranty every 2 or 3 years.

I have a car, which Skillshare are paying for.

Residual Income:

You see, Skillshare is totally residual for me, I upload and forget, yet every month they send me enough money to cover the cost of my car.

I don't create courses for Skillshare, I create them for my own business, but because I put them on there as an afterthought, I can withdraw from that pool of money as well as the other pools available.

Want to know about other pools?

Check out our Platform Guide Here.

So If Someone Tells You Not To Bother With Skillshare...

And you have the right type of content to make money on there, then ask yourself this question.

Would you like a new car, or maybe some clothes, or maybe a holiday once a year?

The Principle Of The Point:

Now obviously, I cannot guarantee levels of income, but what I am saying here is this, if you have training courses that will bring income and don't have a logical reason (like they block your type of content), for not putting it on Skillshare, then you are leaving money sitting on the table.

Direct Revenue Activity:

This is direct revenue activity, this is activity you can embrace today, that will enable you to generate near instant results.

A lot of stuff we do is indirect as online entrepreneurs, in terms of marketing etc, but this is one thing you can do, that will generate extra income almost immediately.

So What Are You Waiting For?

Hit that upload button...

AuthorMark Timberlake