So How Does Udemy Revenue Work?

Well, I have an interesting theory that seems to work.

The first thing to understand is that Udemy has a core group of people they have to please, the Venture Capitalists (VC's for short) who have invested in the company (not the instructors they are last in line behind VC's and Students).

Now the VC's probably get quarterly reports from Udemy, that have to meet the targets they have set for Udemy.

Udemy Site Wide Sales

So once a quarter, Udemy has a big push to drive the revenue up or the student acquisition numbers (this is what makes the company really valuable), by using a site-wide sale.

So one month in every three sees a sitewide sale.

The Quarters This Year

Now the quarters are not quite normal quarters, so here is this years quarters so far:

Dec, Jan, Feb (site-wide sale in Jan).
Mar, Apr, May (site-wide sale in May).
Jun, Jul, Aug (site-wide sale in Aug).
Sep, Oct, Nov (site-wide sale spike in Nov).

Now what this means is that there is always one low month, one average month and one spiked month.

So when looking at the sales patterns, we have to look at it as a quarter to get a full understanding of how we are doing.

Just A Theory

Now this is just a theory, but check your own revenue report, do you see the same patterns we do?

AuthorMark Timberlake