Online Instructor Platform Resource

This is a directory of the latest online platforms for Online Instructors to list their courses on, or use as a hosting platform

Up to date as of 08th Jun 2016

Shout out to Phil Ebiner, Paula Guilfoyle, Rob Cubbon and Dave Espino who have shared a lot of this information publicly and which we have drawn upon, in addition to our own research - this is our interpretation of the available data and is all represented as a personal opinion - sometimes we might lack information.

Note: b2b = business to business / b2c = business to consumer

Course Type Preference: Both b2b and b2c
Revenue Potential: Low to high (very competitive) 
Age Of Platform: Launched: 2009
Size (Number Of Students): 11 Million
Marketplace/Self Hosting: Is a marketplace - individual course sale model - Courses priced $20 to $50
Barrier To Entry: High production quality required



The landscape of Udemy is rapidly changing and as of June 2016 the dust is yet to settle after all the price changes with instructors reporting a 50 to 80% decreased income in some instances as Udemy have changed their marketing model.  

It is still the largest of the learning platforms and is worth trying to sell courses on and is a great place to learn how to create high quality courses as they have very high quality standards.

Course Type Preference: All both b2c and b2b, however b2c performs better
Revenue Potential: Medium / smaller payments $1.40 to $2.00 per enrollment
Age Of Platform: April 2011
Size (Number Of Students): 1.1 Million
Marketplace/Self Hosting: Is a marketplace (subscription model) - Subscription costs $10 per month
Barrier To Entry: Low - short courses recommended


Several instructors have reported success on Skillshare earning up to $6k per month so depending upon number of courses and type of courses Skillshare could become a good earner for some instructors.

Suitable for project based courses / hobby courses do particularly well.

Course Type Preference: All - but seems more suitable for b2c
Revenue Potential: Unknown
Age Of Platform: Started 2012
Size (Number Of Students): Unknown student number, however it is a large platform with over 20000 lessons
Marketplace/Self Hosting: Is a marketplace - (subscription model) - Student subscription costs $7.50
Barrier To Entry: Application required - but appears to be an auto-accept


Worth trying out some courses and see how they perform.

Uploading of courses is a slow process as they like each lesson to be broken into segments with at least one quiz per lesson - each segment to be about 1-5 mins long.

Stackskills (Stack Commerce)

Course Type Preference: All both b2b and b2c
Revenue Potential: Medium - very good if you can get a course in their stack skills packages where they "auction" a package over a period of several months - bringing in daily revenue.
Age Of Platform: Started 2011
Size (Number Of Students): Unknown
Marketplace/Self Hosting: Currently places courses in bundles and runs auction type sales where an instructor takes a cut - these courses are also available on their platform.  However at the time of writing (June 2016) they are just about to launch their new Elearning Academy which will be open up to instructors to sell all their courses.
Barrier To Entry: Possible course approval process


The Elearning Academy launch will be an interesting develop.

If it takes off this platform could become serious platform to place courses on as they have very strong marketing experience selling digital product.

One to watch and back early.


Stone River Elearning

Course Type Preference: Appears more b2c -technology/programming/design courses
Revenue Potential: Low/unknown
Age Of Platform: Started 2011
Size (Number Of Students): 250k
Marketplace/Self Hosting: Is a marketplace - both individual course sales or subscription models
Barrier To Entry: None/unknown


 Suitable for technology type courses - this is their core market.


Course Types Preference: All b2b and b2c
Revenue Potential: Currently probably low but as it grows could become a Medium
Age Of Platform: Started 2016
Number Of Students: Unknown
Barrier To Entry: None/unknown
Marketplace: Is a marketplace - individual course sales model


Very new platform, worth keeping an eye on - if it takes off could become a good place to sell.