Udemy Course Live Stream Marketing & Support

There are many different ways to use live stream video to support and market your Udemy course.

This guide will help you understand the different techniques you can use

The Different Platforms

The currently recognised platforms can be divided into 2 groups

  1. Interactive live stream
  2. Broadcast live stream

Interactive Live Stream

These are some of the platforms that allow panelists onto the show and include:

  • Google Hangouts
  • Blab

Broadcast Live Stream

These are some the platforms that are purely broadcast based

  • YouTube Live
  • Ustream
  • Periscope
  • Meerkat

Interactive Live Stream vs Broadcast Live Stream

With educational marketing, it is really important to create engagement, the ability for a viewer to  ask live questions is really really important, if you want to get that interactivity and buy in to your  expertise.  

So if you want to use live streaming to support student Q&A sessions, or deepen relationships with  potential future students, then Interactive Live Stream will work better than Broadcast Live Stream.

Educational Marketing vs Content Marketing

Educational Marketing and Content Marketing are often perceived as the same thing, but there is a subtle difference.

Content Marketing focuses on creating useful and interesting resource, whereas Educational Marketing concentrates on creating educational resource.

Content Marketing Example:

Top 10 Fastest Supercars

Educational Marketing Example:

How To Change Your Spark Plug

Because we are selling online training, then Educational Marketing is where we need to focus.


The Power Of Educational Marketing

Why does educational marketing work?

When someone is looking to learn something, they will search for it.

If you can help them, by educating them, for free, you can bring them into your marketing funnel.

The real power of Educational Marketing, however, is in the 3 pronged educational benefit that the potential client receives.

  1. They are educated about the subject matter
  2. They are educated about your expertise on the subject matter
  3. They are educated about your teaching style and personality

So by engaging in educational marketing, you develop awareness of your own expertise and also  create that relationship whilst delivering educational content for free to a potential customer.  

Interactive Live Streaming is a powerful way to create this engagement. 


Ways To Use Interactive Live Streaming As An Educational Marketing Tool

There are many different ways you can use a Live Streaming session as an Educational Marketing Tool.

Some Methods:

  1. Live Q&A
  2. Live Coaching
  3. Panel Discussion
  4. Ask The Expert
  5. Expert Interview

With each of these methods, the key is to make sure that you generate interaction with the viewers. 

Some tips for creating interaction:

  1. Acknowledge your audience by name as they join your live session
  2. Make sure you acknowledge and answer all questions
  3. Open up a hot seat and allow people to jump in with comments and questions
  4. Keep it on topic so that you do not lose the audience

Planning Your Session

Here is a checklist of some things you want to do before you go live.

Create A Landing Page

Build your resources for the event, create a uniques landing page that you can direct people to during the live session so that they can access useful resource that compliments the live show.

Create A PDF Resource

Create a PDF resource (like this), that people can take away from the show, but place it behind a newsletter sign up.

Livestream Marketing Part 1 Of 3 - The Mini Webinar

The Video:

The Audio:

Livestream Marketing - Part 2 Of 3 - The Open Chat

The Video:

The Audio:

Livestream Marketing Part 3 Of 3 - General Q&A

The Video:

The Audio:

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Promote Your Event

There are a number of things you can do, but here is a quick checklist of the basics:

  • Email your newsletter list
  • Send out a Udemy promotional email to your course students
  • Share on social media
  • Share in groups and communities where you have permission to do so

Re-purposing Your Content

Once the session is finished you will want to take the video and audio files and add them to your original resource page.

Notes For Adding Your Video And Audio To Your Resource Page


The Hangout video will automatically transfer to your YouTube channel if you have linked your Google+ profile and YouTube channel.

You will need to download the video to extract the audio (as an mp3) so that you can add that to your podcast or website as an audio file.


You will be sent an email with a link to your video file and audio file and will need to upload the video to your YouTube channel and the audio to your podcast or website. Blab extracts the audio from the video file and sends that to your inbox as 2 separate links.

Hangouts Vs Blabs



Very simply for participants to join
Live discussion panel that works well
Integrated with Twitter
Very easy for participants to invite others into the live stream


Currently no screen share capabilities
Low resolution video format

Usage: If your audience is unfamiliar with live streaming then Blabs are easier for them.




Full 1920x1080 HD
Screen share
Up to 10 people in the panel on a standard account
Full integration with Google+ Events for easy promotion
Integrated with YouTube and Google+


Can be a little bit technical for new users so make sure they arrive 15 minutes before

Usage: If you need to have a large panel or need screenshare then Hangouts are more suitable.

Top Marketing Tip    

Give your audience an opportunity to buy additional products and services.    

Don’t be frightened to ask for the sale softly…    

A simple way to do this, is put a Udemy coupon offer on the resource page itself.      

Closing Thoughts    

Being an online educator is about more than creating courses.    

We need to make sure we are accessible to our current students and potential students.    

By using Interactive Live Streaming as an Educational Marketing & Course Support tool, we can  reach out and help those who are looking for our help both those in our courses and those outside  of our courses.    

It enables us to offer that interactivity that is missing from online video training, it puts the teacher  back in the classroom.    

It also enables us to prove our expertise to those that are looking for help and are willing to make  the next step towards paid content.    

We also have to remember the SEO value of this type of marketing.    

By planning and creating resource for our events and then adding our videos and audios to those  event pages, we can ensure our content can be found in search over a long period of time and  draw future potential clients into our Educational Marketing Content.


~Mark Timberlake 

AuthorMark Timberlake