Do You Want To Learn How To Build A Marketing Funnel For Your Udemy Course?

In this mini webinar we discussed how you can build your own Udemy AIDA marketing funnel.

We discussed how to create the content types and also how you need to build it in reverse.

We also opened up the webinar to open Udemy discussion after about 50 minutes.

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The Content Types:

Attention Content: Social Media Posts / Community Posts

Interest Content: Blogs / YouTube / Hangouts / Blabs

Desire Content - Free Course / Newsletter 

Action Content - Udemy Course

The Content Creation Flow (In Reverse):

1. Create Action Content

2. Create Desire Content

3. Create Interest Content

4. Create Attention Content


AIDA maps the buyers psychological buying journey

Deepen your proposition value as people move down the funnel

Each stage asks for more commitment to the content - so the value has to increase

Understand the exchange value of each step

Most instructors only build the Desire part of the funnel, then point to that with the Attention Content

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AuthorMark Timberlake