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Produce Your Own YouTube Marketing Video - The 12 Steps To Success

The 12 Steps To Success

So how do you create a YouTube Marketing Video on a budget?

Creating a video that looks professional on a budget almost seems an impossible task.

But it does not need to be if you follow our 12 simple steps!

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The 12 Steps

1. (00:00) Identify your niche target audience
2. (02:15) Create a video environment they would be comfortable in
3. (04:47) Script your video with them in mind using the AIDA method
4. (08:44) Choose your equipment
5. (12:54) Invest in the right type of lighting and light according to our guidelines
6. (16:57) Get a decent audio recording device and locate it in the right place
7. (19:01) When presenting, keep natural and remember to focus on composition
8. (21:50) When editing, don't get fancy, but focus on learning the basic core editing skills
9. (24:45) Write titles that get you found in search and appeal to your audience
10. (25:54) Write a good description for your YouTube video
11. (27:27) Tags will bring you traffic from other peoples videos, learn how to use them
12. (29:07) Use annotations to help people take action from your video



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Video production can be a complex task if you don't know what steps to take.

Creating a YouTube Marketing Video is even more complex.

With the 12 steps outlined above, you have a clear map to creating your own marketing video.


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