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Online Marketing Training

Social Media Marketing Masterclass 2017 - $200

Social Media Marketing And Social SEO - 18+hrs
This course lays the foundation for all of your social media marketing activity, it explores what works in social media marketing and teaches you how to get clients from Social Media.

Local SEO - Search Engine Optimisation For Local Businesses - $145

Learn how get your local business to compete in local search - 3hrs
This course takes you step by step through the process of ranking your business in local search results so that your potential client can find you when they are looking for you.

Note: This course is included in the Social Media Marketing Masterclass

Online Marketing - Digital Marketing & Sales Funnels - $65

Learn how to create a marketing funnel that brings you clients
This course will teach you how marketing funnels work and how you can set them up to bring you highly qualified customers and clients.

Online Instructor Training

Teach Online - Online Instructor Masterclass - $200

Learn how to master the business of creating online courses - sell them on multiple platforms - 7hrs
This course covers production of a Udemy course, including green screen, lighting and audio setup so that you can master the difficult technical issues fast.

Build A Business On Udemy - $145

Learn how to build a business on Udemy by creating multiple courses
This course takes you beyond building a single course and looks at using Udemy as a platform to launch on online instructor business.

Udemy Promotional Videos - $95

Learn how to create promotional videos for your Udemy course that work
This course helps you plan and create a Udemy promotional video that gets buyers to take action, using simple AIDA marketing techniques.

Online Business Training

Online Residual Income Business Models - $75

Learn how to choose an online business model that is right for you
In this course we take you through the whole process of understanding what opportunities are available and what type of online business would best suit you, we also teach you how online residual income businesses work.

The Online Entrepreneur's Survival Guide - $65

Learn how to survive as an online entrepreneur
In this course we take you through the mental and emotional challenges that an online entrepreneur faces everyday and show you how to overcome them.

Build An Antiques Business Online - $195

Learn how to build an antiques and collectibles business online - 5hrs
In this course you will learn from over 12 years of experience dealing full time online using Ebay to sell antiques and collectibles, this is a comprehensive course teaching you all the secrets of the antiques trade.

Management Training

Lean BPM - Lean Business Process Management - $145

Learn how to apply Lean BPM principles to your business processes
In this course we take you through Lean BPM using the ProPeC system, a revolutionary yet simple way to learn business process management.

How To Train Your People - Training Your Team Effectively - $145

Learn how to invest in the right training for your team
In this course you will learn how to train your team and how good training can help you grow your business and will improve your productivity and profits using the ProPeC system.

Organisational Culture Change - $145

Learn how to implement and manage culture change
This course will show you how to create genuine culture change in your business or team, how to get buy in, how to measure and track and how to continuously improve using the ProPeC business improvement system.

Management Training - The Data Driven Manager - $125

Learn how to become a data driven manager
In this course you will learn how to gather and use data to improve your management skills and impact your business in a positive way.

Management Training - The Influential Manager - $125

Learn how to become a manager who can influence
In this course you will learn how to become an influential manager that gets results, learning how to influence those around you, in a positive manner, is a core management skill that can help you improve your business and career.

Management Training - The Team Building Manager - $125

Learn how to become a team building manager
In this course you will learn how to develop a team in a positive manner and learn how to assert yourself in a way that gets team buyin. 

Photography Training

Creative Photography & Portrait Photography Masterclass - $200

Learn how to take better photographs with any camera
In this course we will teach you the core basic skills of composition and understanding light, so that you can improve your photography fast! Taking compositional lessons that all the photography masters understood, you are guaranteed to improve your photography. We will also teach you how to master portrait photography.

iPhone Selfie Portrait Photography - $65

Learn how to take a selfie portrait for social media with your mobile phone
In this course you will learn how to take a selfie portrait with your mobile phone and how to edit it and create professional looking portraits for sharing on your social media profiles and online.

Natural Light Portrait Photography - $65

Learn how to use the available light and take beautiful portraits
In this course, you will learn how to take compelling portraits using just the natural light available, you will know learn to master any ambient light source.

Understanding Exposure - DSLR Photography Skills - $65

Learn how to use your DSLR camera like a professional photographer
This course will take you through basics of learning how to expose an image properly and show you simple yet powerful techniques that will improve your DSLR skills.