The Content Pack

Create powerful content monthly

The £499 a month 2 video and 2 web page pack, for creating lots of powerful useful content that you can share on your social media.

Which will bring potential clients back to your website.


£499+VAT a month


We add 2 new video rich web pages to your site every month.


Create 2 new marketing videos every month for placing on YouTube and your website with custom backdrop and logo.

Google Juice

Create Google juice every month as we optimise your Google+ Account and Youtube Account.

Social Power

Share them on your social networks and engage your client base.


Drive visitors back to your website and your call to action.


Further feedback:

"We recommend SME Heroes as the best web presence company in our area. We found the whole experience enjoyable and see great value in the work we have done together." Sebastian - Accident Specialists

Create Your Own Marketing Videos

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