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Top 12 Questions That New Instructors Ask:

New To Udemy?

Here are the top 12 questions that new instructors ask when they come to Udemy:

Question 1: What Is Udemy?

In this lesson, we will explore what Udemy is and how it can benefit you as you develop online teaching material to sell and create residual income.

Topics covered:

  • Third Party Platform
  • Free To Host
  • Over 8 Million Students


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Question 2: What Can I Teach On Udemy?

In this lesson we will explore what types of courses you can teach on Udemy and what courses particularly do well.

Topics covered:

  • Hobbies
  • Vocational Skills
  • Business Skills


Question 3: How Much Money Can I Earn On Udemy?

In this lesson we will discuss how much you can earn on a typical Udemy course and some strategies for growing a business on Udemy.

Topics covered:

  • Revenue Split
  • Single Course Earnings
  • Business Earnings


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Question 4: Should My First Udemy Course Be Free Or Paid?

In this lesson we discuss why you should not create a massive course as your first Udemy release and why it is better to start with something simpler.

Topics covered:

  • The Udemy Process
  • Free Course
  • Paid Introductory Course

Question 5: What Style Of Udemy Course Should I Produce?

In this lesson we discuss the difference between a simple screen cast and a talking heads video and the pros and cons of each method.

Topics covered:

  • Keeping It Simple
  • Screen Share With Audio
  • Talking Heads

Udemy - Question 6: What Camera Do I Need To Film A Udemy Course? 

In this lesson we explore what different cameras you can use and discuss minimum viable production costs.

Topics covered:

  • Webcams
  • Smartphones
  • Camcorders / DSLRs

Udemy - Question 7: What Microphone Do I Need To Record A Udemy Course? 

In this lesson we explore the different types of microphones you should use for recording your Udemy course.

Topics covered:

  • Audio Tips
  • Screencast Microphones
  • Talking Heads Microphones

Udemy - Question 8: What Lighting Do I Need To Film A Udemy Course? 

In this lesson we will discuss some simple lighting techniques on a budget for when you are filming talking heads videos for your Udemy courses.

Topics covered:

  • Use One Type Of Light
  • Invest In Your Lighting
  • Daylight Bulbs

Udemy - Question 9: What Software Do I Need For Creating A Udemy Course? 

In this lesson we will talk about what types of software you will need for your Udemy course filming and editing.

Topics covered:

  • Screen Capture Software
  • Editing Software

Udemy - Question 10: Where Do I Start With Marketing My Course On Udemy? 

In this lesson we will discuss internal Udemy Marketing funnels and how we can build them to improve our Udemy business profits.

Topics covered:

  • Free Coupons
  • Course Clusters
  • Promotional Emails

Udemy - Question 11: How Do I Market My Udemy Course Outside Of Udemy? 

In this lesson we will discuss what type of marketing works best if you want to market your Udemy courses outside of the Udemy platform.

Topics covered:

  • Educational Marketing
  • Live Streaming
  • Finding Your Audience

Udemy - Question 12: How Do I Grow My Online Teaching Business Beyond Udemy? 

In this lesson we will discuss how you can grow your business beyond the Udemy platform and what things you have to plan in right from the start.

Topics covered:

  • Building Your Own Platform
  • Building Your Email List
  • Upselling Value Added Products