When No One Knows Your Website Exists

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What do you do when no one knows your website exists?

We explain the most basic principles of web presence marketing for a new website in this video.

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Notes from the show:

When no one knows

A new website or a badly maintained website is usually invisible to most people.

So what do you do to fix that?



You need to create informational content that people want to come to your website to see.



Google will take time to index your website in search, even if you have good content, so content alone will not achieve instant results.


Taking people back

You need to take people back to your website, from social media to your website.


No shortcuts

So in the beginning there are no short cuts. You create the content and then you have to go and find consumers for your content.


Critical mass

Critical mass. Google will see the traffic to your website and will see the value it has and raise you up in search results.


Hard work

It is hard work at the beginning, but not many are prepared to build a good web presence, so if you are, you can gain the advantage.





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