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When You Don't Have Time For Social Media Marketing

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What do you do when you simply don't have the time for social media marketing?

In this video we explore how paid traffic can be used when that is the resource you can afford.

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Notes from the show:

Inherent Cost

There is an inherent cost to traffic on the internet.

Driving traffic back to your website will cost you in time or money.



Social Media Marketing

This is a time intensive method of marketing.

You have to give up your time in exchange for traffic.


Paid Advertising

This is a direct cost to the business


Both Need Good Content

Both methods are means of driving traffic back to the website.

They are not a solution in themselves, but both feed into the mouth of the marketing funnel.

They are customer interest generators, not sales tools.


Paid Advertising

Always target a niche group.

Make sure you can target a niche with the offering, the advertiser.

Facebook advertising is not as targeted as Adwords due to its nature.



Cost per acquisition is something you need to decide at the beginning.

Keyword research is important, as you want to target the right clients.

Targeting to a niche audience can be geography, interest, age etc.

Quality of landing page is extremely important because if people are bouncing straight off the page, you have paid for the click for no reason.

Split testing is good because it enables you to fine tune your advertising.

Adwords are good for boosting traffic of a new business but don't rely on it forever, you should be seeking to replace it with content which gets shown in organic search.



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